Welcome to Salt and Mist Sea Tours! Experience the best private and intimate Sea Tour in the Tampa Bay area!

Salt and Mist Sea Tours LLC

Options & Highlights 

Enjoy and experience a private or  semi-private  Boat tour in the warmth and sunshine on Tampa Bay,  boca ciega bay and the gulf of mexico which includes:




Bottlenose Dolphin, Tropical Bird and Island Architectural/Celebrity Tours

Sunset Cruises on the Gulf of Mexico

Tiki Bar and Oceanfront Dining

Barrier Island Beach Day on Shell Key or Fort DeSoto

Joseph Pistone

Meet Captain Joe Pistone

Captain Joe Pistone, a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain, started Salt and Mist Sea Tours LLC in 2016, providing private and semi-private Sea Tours on the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of Mexico. He honors his business after his late mother and grandmother, Dorothy and Gloria as well as his sister Christina, his god kids James, Allison and Kyra, Cousin Daniel and his Uncle Tommy and Aunt Diane. For many years, they have enjoyed countless, incredible boating adventures on the sea, cherishing old memories and making new ones! Read More